We are in the process of making 2 videos and you’re invited to participate in one or both of them!

 1. SIGNS: Because of Chronic Pain…

Chronic pain affects every aspect of life and when it strikes it can change your life dramatically. We are planning to create a video that illustrates the devastating effect chronic pain has on it’s sufferers. The video will be titled “Because of Chronic Pain…” and will be a compilation of people in chronic pain holding a sign (or a series of signs) of one way chronic pain has affected their life.

The  writing on the signs should be easy to see. You may send in a photo, a series of photos, or a video.

*Please DO NOT include the words “because of chronic pain” at the beginning


-I lost my house due to medical bills

-My boss fired me for “slacking off” during a pain flare.

2. MISCONCEPTIONS: I am not _____ I have _____

Individuals with chronic illnesses can often times be labeled as “crazy” because observers fail to recognize that their appearance is the result of a medical condition rather than something that can be controlled. We are currently writing an article to break these misconceptions and you can participate by providing us with real life examples of this in the form of various photos and videos along with a caption.

For example,

A photo of a boy with chubby cheeks captioned “I don’t live on junk food, I’m taking steroids for an autoimmune condition”

Or a video of a woman stumbling down the street captioned: “I’m not drunk, I have MS.”

Please submit all photos and videos (which may be youtube or dropbox videos) to info@thePainReliefFoundation.com

Deadline to submit is June 30th, 2015