Our Mission

As many as 20% of adults live with chronic pain globally. For the majority, our health care system offers frustratingly little help. Too many patients face neglect, dismissal and discrimination.

The government and private sector have shortchanged research on these conditions, and as a result, they are poorly understood. Health care professionals receive inadequate training on the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions, and effective evidence-based treatments are lacking.  In addition, there is growing evidence of a discriminatory pattern in the medical care given to people with chronic pain.

Our foundation is working to change this.

The Pain Relief Foundation is a North American organization that aims to improve the quality of life of people in pain by raising awareness of chronic pain conditions as well as the neglect, dismissal and discrimination faced by those suffering from chronic pain.

We are raising awareness among policy makers, health care professionals and the public of the lack of scientific research as well as the poor quality of education health care providers receive on these chronic pain conditions.

We believe that the treatment of pain is a basic human right and we are determined to have it be treated as such.

Our goals

Changing attitudes about and behavior toward people who endure chronic pain starts by expanding awareness.  Due to the lack of understanding associated with their conditions, people with chronic pain conditions often suffer in silence because they are told that they are imagining or overstating their pain. Furthermore, many are wrongfully accused of being drug-seekers when really they are looking for treatment. There is a tremendous need to educate the public about these chronic pain conditions and their negative impact on people in pain, their families, our society, and the economy, as well as the need for increased funding of research on these conditions.

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